The DeRose Cottage

Living The Good Life In Florida Since 1973

Our Kids Growing Up



Angela in 1967: Before she became a BRAT!


1970:  Still cute & not quite a BRAT, YET!



December 24, 1969.  She didn't know who Santa was.  Can you guess?


Anthony, April 1970,  Hard to believe this LUMP OF LARD is now a MAJOR in the Army!


March 1971,  He trimmed down a little but still hasn't missed a meal.  Postponed a few but never missed any!


Can't tell what's bigger....Anthony or the refrigerator.  Needed one that big to hold all his food.







November 1971. It took the Army to discipline him "NOT TO TOUCH THE DRAPES!"


1971.  LaVerne or Shirley? .......... No, It's Angela in Kindergarten!

 1971.  Two little angels sitting in front of the manger trying to be good for a few hours!



1973.  It's a good thing Anthony decided to make the Army his career.  At least he doesn't have to worry about what to wear.


1972.  If only he had taken better care of his Bemer when he was in Germany, he wouldn't be driving a tractor today.





1973. Pictures can be deceiving.  They look like they are the best of friends............YEA....RIGHT!