The DeRose Cottage

Living The Good Life In Florida Since 1973

This page is dedicated to the gift that God has blessed Dottie with.  She has been sewing, quilting and embroidering for a long time.  The images you will see are the result of many years of hard work.

The images on this page are large and take a little longer to load.

Please be patient and enjoy them!

Christmas Stockings

In 2000, Dottie made over 300 Christmas Stockings and donated them to a shelter for abused mothers and children.  She also made clothing for the girls in the shelter.


Our Bedroom Quilt

This quilt was made for our King Size Bed.  It took several months to make. 

All Dottie's quilts are cut by hand, pieced together and then HAND QUILTED. 

Some of her quilts are embroidered.  This takes talent and patience!